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Unlock profits with our comprehensive jewellery savings software, integrating chit programs, loyalty rewards, and sales activation schemes.

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Foster loyalty, Increase Jewellery Sales

Savings Chit

Spark customer delight with customizable savings chit schemes through our jewellery ERP.

Loyalty Programs

Reward jewellery enthusiasts with exclusive perks and personalized experiences for lasting connections.

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Retain Customers, Ignite Profitability.

Tailored Loyalty

Turn customers into your business advocates with smart loyalty programs.

Sales Activation Magic

Transform footfalls into sales with strategic activations schemes that resonate with jewellery buffs.

Delight customers with Jewellery Chit Programs

Dynamic Registration : Seamlessly register with customizable schemes - grams or amount based on customer needs.

Prize Management : Effortlessly surprise customers by adding gifts and prizes to jewellery purchases.

Digital Precision : Swift digital registration forms for enhancing the speed and convenience of chit entries.

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Secure Payments: Provide multi-payment modes - cash, cheque, card, etc to your valued customers.

Clear Closures: Close chits comprehensively with automatic bonus calculation and amuse your customers.

Smart Reminders: Stay connected effortlessly with chit-payment reminders via SMS, mail, and WhatsApp.

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Ignite Passion, Strengthen Bonds.

Get ready to enhance the profitability of your jewellery business today with our advanced jewellery software.

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