Jewellery Security You Can Trust.

Safeguard your business data, monitor every activity, and customize roles with our secure jewellery security software solution.

Trustable Security Data

Multi-Mode Secure Backup Engine

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Manual Backup

Ensure data security with quick local device backups, bringing peace of mind to your business.

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Email Backup

Add an extra layer of protection by sending your jewellery data to a secure email inbox.

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Cloud Backup

Take your jewellery business's data security to new heights with cloud backups automatically.

Jewellery ERP Software Security Backup data

Smart Activity Trackers

Audit Log Manager

Track every activity of your team members to ensure efficiency and find data leakages through our jewellery security solution.

Login History Engine

Keep tabs on who's been in and when and increase productivity in your jewellery business by fostering accountability.

Comprehensive Priviledge Management

Jewellery ERP Software Role Module

Role Management

Every jewel is unique, and so is everyone’s role in your jewellery business.

Enhance efficiency in the work process by creating a precise role for everyone with our jewellery ERP solution.

Customize every role with specific modules and its actions for a secure business ecosystem.

Advanced Privilege Engine

Customize every role with specific modules, actions, fields, and field values for better management.

Control every element of your software at the role level to bring clarity to secure your jewellery business.

Create an additional layer of data security with our easy-to-use DIY privilege manager for your security team.

Jewellery ERP Software Role Module

Safe. Smart. Secure.

Strengthen jewellery business security using IoT-integrated real-time video monitoring.

Integrate your security cameras with our ERP software seamlessly and eliminate jewellery thefts.

Monitor the entire store's security system with our centralized IOT security manager.

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Hassle-Free Security

Protect all vital aspects of your business with our comprehensive jewellery security software.