SMS & Email Marketing for Jewellers.

Exceed sales targets effortlessly with our jewellery marketing software's proven engagement strategies, including SMS marketing for jewellers.

Instant connect, endless sales

SMS Marketing

Connect with customers instantly, boost sales with personalized messages.

Email Marketing

Create stunning campaigns, increase brand engagement, and drive revenue.

IVRS Marketing

Reach a wide audience via impactful voice messages and retain customers.

Profit Surge, Effortless Approach

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

Guaranteed deliverability.

Integrated enterprise SMS gateway.

DIY template repository engine.

Multi-Mode SMS engine. (normal, flash, and unicode)

Transparent credit deduction.

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Time-Proven jewellery Case Studies

In a tier 4 town, a modest store transformed into an opulent showroom. Through an SMS marketing campaign, their customer base was welcomed during launch day, yielding a 30% surge in foot traffic and a 40% sales increase.

During a festive occasion, a company implemented IVRS marketing featuring a personalized message from the owner. 60% of recipients attended the call, translating into a substantial 70% increase in in-store traffic and a 50% boost in sales.

An American company harnessed the power of email marketing, achieving a remarkable increase in online sales. They targeted their entire customer base in their email marketing campaign, which led to a substantial 60% surge in revenue.

Connect. Engage. Scale.

Get unlimited customers using proven strategies of traditional marketing with our jewellery ERP solution.

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