Minimum Work. Maximum Revenues.

GST Ready Solution

Are you worried about ever changing government regulations & complex GST management? Sales Neuron introduces 100% GST compliant software specifically designed to meet all regulatory requirements for your industry.

We regularly update our GST solution with new GST regulations so that your accountant can focus on more productive activities than following up on GST modifications. We take care of all the time consuming GST management so that you can focus your time and energy on scaling business.


GST Compliance

Manage all the GST Compliance with centralized GST management system.

GST Reports

Export all kinds of GST reports in accordance with GST Process in seconds.

GST Filing

GST Filing is no more complex. Use our simplified integration and do GST Filing.

Stock Management

Managing Stock is no more complex business process that needs more manpower for efficient management. Seamlessly integrate
barcode & RFID technologies to automate stock management procedures.


HR System

If you take good care of your employees, they will care of your business.

With strong belief in this mantra, Sales Neuron brings suite of HRMS features from smart attendance mgmt with selfie mode to simplified payroll management enabling happy work culture for your business.

We cover all the core features of HRMS like self-service employee management, attendance manager, leave management, payroll processing, performance indicators, sales commissions & many more. We also take care of all the tax regulations related to payroll processing of your employees.

Smart Analytics

Do you have access to real-time business metrics to help you in decision making? Turbo charge your business with actionable insights using intuitive report builder.

Build your own personalized visual dashboards to take better, faster and informed decisions. Beautiful charts helps you to understand complex business information in graphical interface.



Understand your business metrics in detail using 100+ standard reports.


Create your own reports to suit your business needs using smart report builder.


Visualize your business data using 100+ dashboards & make quick decisions.


Build your own personalized dashboards to take informed decisions.


Omni Channel CRM

Manage the complete lifecycle from lead generation, lead nurturing to lead conversion using centralized omni channel CRM management system.

Simple & Intuitive Content Manager helps you to capture maximum information in seconds and transform it into actionable insights.

Capture every detail of your meetings using built-in notes system.

Send personalized invite via sms or mail to your customers and work together to do more. Visualize your meetings & pending tasks in calendar view and win more deals faster.

Run targetted campaigns for your customers across multi channels like SMS,Mails, Calls, Social Media & whatsapp.

SMS Campaigns

A sms campaign system to help you target prospects by running smart campaigns and grow your sales pipeline.

Email Campaigns

Run targeted email campaigns with 100% deliverability guarantee. Personalize emails using connector feature.

Voice Campaigns

Use our text to voice conversion engine to run automated voice calls to reach your customers globally.

Lead Generation

Customize the lead form to suit your business needs & capture maximum relevant data to close deals.

Lead Conversion

Convert good prospects from leads into opportunities in seconds using lead conversion system.

Lead Nurturing

Constantly nurture relationship with your prospects by reaching out to them via multiple channels.