Transactions Engine

Minimum Work. Maximum Revenues.

Rough Estimation

Generate rough estimates using our tablet ready solution by just scanning the item & print estimates wirelessly in seconds.

Our smart robot auto populates all the calculations from masters based on the items selected during estimation.

Integrate old purchase & sales return in your estimation system to give accurate estimates to customer & multiply sales.


Multiple Modes

You can manage tax & discount calculations @ bill level or item level.

Security Modes

Restrict employees from changing any values in estimation.

Print Templates

Generate customized estimates templates for each category.

Approval Management

Control every transaction of your store related to approval using smart approval system.

Give 100s of product items as approval to vendor or customer using RFID integrated approval out system.

Auto populate the approval out sales by scanning all the returned items of approval & make approval procedures simplier.


Purchase Manager

Maintain robust procurement management in your store covering all biz scenarios, automatic order
placement based on reorder levels & efficiently managing vendor payments.


Order Management

Scale your business & multiply your sales without having physical stock with order management system.

Manage complete lifecycle of order mgmt from take order to delivery order with single screen system.

Send real-time notifications to customers on order progress & get live tracking of each order from your vendors.


Take Order

Take all kinds of complex orders with image capture system.

Place Order

Place orders to multiple vendors for each take order bill.

Receive Order

System will create lot & stock entries upon receiving an order.

Delivery Order

Generate complete sales bills by converting receive order.

Sales Management

Industry's 1st Tablet Ready Sales Engine enabling you to manage all kinds of transactions with easy to use transaction screen.

Seamless Integrations of IOT Devices like RFID, MPOS & NFC payments makes it most advanced sales engine. Track real-time notifications of your sales reports on mobile.

Amplify your business operations with our add ons marketplace by integrating suite of cloud services, devices & relevant web services.


Converstion Tool

Convert any estimate to sales by just scanning estimate number.

GST Integrations

Generate GST compliant sales bills & be GST Compliant.


Multiply sales revenues by providing sales commissions.

Payments Engine

Integrate payment gateway and MPOS to simplify payments.

Multiple Options

All in one system to manage old purchase, sales return etc.

Order Sales

Seamlessly integrate order system with sales & generate order sales.