Stay Productive, Stay Profitable

Power up your sales journey with a one-transaction engine through our jewellery ERP.

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Up your Business Productivity

Drive your sales growth with our all-in-one sales transaction engine.

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Enhance sales efficiency by streamlining processes for swift customer approvals.

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Leverage journal and contra features for precise financial management in jewellery sales.

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Facilitate smooth and secure transactions for better jewellery buying experience.


Optimize inventory with advanced metal tracking for effective and efficient stock control.

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Comfort customers, ensure conversion.

Simplify intricate customer decisions seamlessly.

Build trust with the take-home facility in your jewellery business.

Boost your conversion rate by giving flexibility to your customers.

Powerful Order Management Engine


Maintain all the journal and contra entries in our comprehensive accounting solution.

Comprehensive Engine

Financial precision for enhanced transparency in jewellery transactions.

Payment Engine

Secure and diverse payment options, catering to every customer preference.

Metal Management

Optimize stock control with advanced metal management through our jewellery business.

Smart Notifications

Automatic business related notifications to customers for billing and payments.

Personalized Engine

Create your own templates as per your store needs & personalize them for your customers.

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Fast-track your business growth

Transform your jewellery sales process without any extra effort with our jewellery ERP software today.