Prompt Estimation, Instant Sales.

Experience seamless queue bursting and swift estimations with our advanced integration.

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Fast-track your Profitability


Estimation System: Streamline your jewellery business with estimation processes.


Sales Engine: Boost sales with a dynamic and customized sales engine.

Estimations Redefined: Quick, Accurate, Smart!

Estimate with ease in no time with a DIY or robot for efficiency and accuracy.

Lessen employees’ work with a personalized estimation screen through our jewellery ERP.

Take estimations in seconds using the Tablet/Mobile Based Estimation Engine.

Scan and print estimations using DIY Smart Estimation Robots.

Expand globally with multi-tax and multi-currency support for your jewellery business.

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Serve more customers in less time

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All-in-One Sales tool

Simplify your sales processes with an intuitive layout.

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Boost purchase

Convert more customers with quick estimations.

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Global Transactions Made Easy

Multi-currency support for seamless international sales.

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Error-Free Estimations

Enjoy customizable screens and diverse payment options.

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Dynamic Sales Engine

Customized screens and multiple payment methods for increased flexibility.

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Real-time Insights

Stay informed with live accounting data of your business.

Facilitate fast sales growth

Comprehensive all-in-one sales engine for your jewellery business.

Quick Sales Guaranteed

Reduce the communication time in your business with the owner-authorized discount feature.

Effortlessly process the untagged and partially tagged products for your jewellery customers.

Avoid accounting glitches with an easy return management system through our jewellery ERP.

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Embrace efficiency.

Let your profitability prosper with the quick functionality of our jewellery ERP solutions.

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