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Our Pricing Strategy


We have transparent pricing for all our customers irrespective of business size.


Personalize your software package to your business objectives and budgets.


Our mantra is pay for what you use making our packages affordable for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 1 week free trial software work?

When you sign up, you instantly get access to all the features in the respective plan chosen by you for 1 week. Credit card is not required.

How to buy the software after my trial period ends?

You can contact our sales team @ +91 7200070823 or mail us to to purchase software.

Can we make 50% advance payment & pay rest after installation?

We understand your reservations regarding the payments but we have strict payment policy of 100% payment on placing order. GST will be charged on final price as applicable.

Do you have any customization charges?

We offer prepackaged ready to use software to our customers. You have to inform all the customizations before purchase and it will be charged extra.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all kinds of online payments like NEFT, debit cards & credit cards. If you'd like us to take offline payment please get in touch with us.

Do you have any refund or cancellation policy?

No. Sales Neuron provides free trial software before you purchase. We strictly don't have any refund or cancellation policy after purchase is made.

Any Special Pricing Available?

We have transparent pricing across all our locations. However, we do run discount campaigns for our customers at special occasions.

Is it mandatory to opt for AMC for on-premises packages after 1 year?

No. You can opt for non-amc support model where you are charged for every support ticket whenever you require support from us.

What is the installation procedure and its conditions?

Online Installation will be done & 2 day Online Training will be provided free of cost. Additional Online Training will be charged at Rs.1500/day. Stable Hi-Speed Internet /LAN Infrastruture must be available @ client location for implementation & support.

Do you provide hardware support?

Any hardware support must be provided by respective hardware companies during the implementation procedures.

What are your service charges for on-site visit?

We engage in online support as much as possible to reduce support costs. We charge Rs.2000/visit excluding lodging, food & transportation.

Have any other questions during support period?

For any support or queries during & post implementation, you shall follow centralized support center system for quick response time.

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