Decode Data. Fuel Growth.

Accelerate growth in your jewellery business by tapping into the ultimate potential of your data.

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Personalize. Summarize. Export.

Tailor insights as you want : Adjust column widths, names, order, and positions however you want.

Explore data with ease : Navigate through your data smoothly while keeping an eye on record count in no time.

Quick Snapshot : Get an overview of data through the summary block offering a glance into the essence of your reports.

Export with convenience : Every report says a story, express it offline with ease. Print or export reports in PDF or Excel.

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Daily Reports

Know Your Day's Summary

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Stock Reports

Monitor What's in Your Collection

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Sales Reports

Look at Your Real Success

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Payments Reports

Quick Payment History

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Customize Reports, Your Way.

Arrange Data Columns : With customizable columns, easily arrange and adjust your data columns as per your needs.

See Data in Different Styles : Look at your data in Tabular or Summary, just like a jeweller examines the tiny details along with overall beauty.

Instantly Filter Data : Quickly access specific data with live filters just like a jeweller picks only the selective pieces for your jeweller design.

Organize in Folders: Our multilayered folder structures your information and stores it like a jeweller's craft.

Switch to effortless smart monitoring

Monitor your jewellery business effortlessly with our beautiful dashboards.

Sales Dashboards

Keep an eye on the performances of your sales team.

Growth Dashboards

See how your team is performing on your milestones.

Profit Dashboards

Peek into the clear goals of your business.

Clear Reports, Better Decision

Build beautiful dashboards & smart reports using our easy-to-use DIY Analytics Builders.

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Report Builder

Organized Data: Keep your information structured and accessible with folders.

Smart Columns: Customize column data to display data as average, sum , min or max.

Live Filters: Instantly refine data with live filters for real-time decision-making.

Informative Summaries: Generate insightful summary reports with our jewellery ERP.

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Get crucial insights effortlessly

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