Consulting Partner

Knowledge Ninja

Consulting Partner Benefits

Zero Investments

Co-promote our products and generate quick revenues.

Higher Profits

We provide 10%-20% commissions for you for every new business.

Dedicated Team

Our team will be available to assist you during business hours.

Exclusive Content

Digital marketing will be provided to close deals efficiently.


Our team will engage in executing co-branding promotions.

Partner Demo Kit

An integrated demo kit with all the essentials to close more deals faster.

Digital Promotion

We will execute digital marketing and help build lead pipeline.

Eligibility Criteria

Possess strong consulting experience with strong business network.

Program Details


  • Consulting Activities
  • Lead Generation
  • Implementation Support
  • Co-Branding

Sign Up Procedures

  • Apply Online
  • Skype Review Meeting
  • Partner Demo Kit
  • Lead Generation

Ideal For

  • Tech Consultants
  • Management Consultants
  • Chartered Accountants
  • Software Consulting Firms