Managing Business, Simplified.

Workflow Engine

Managing business in competitive environment has become challenging and tedious for entrepreneurs and managers.

Workflows features automates all the complex operations and send smart notifications/alerts to stay in touch with business operations round the clock.

Create your own workflow rules to automate your daily tasks for your team members.


RFID Stock Taking

Take stock of your products in minutes with smart RFID integration. We provide you with multiple options to take stock like storage wise, product wise, purity wise and many more.

We crunch large amount of stock taking data and generates beautiful dashboards related to your stock to make informed decisions.

We are launching stock taking robot engine that will take stock of your products automatically without any human intervention.


All In One Transactions

Does your salesman shy away from using softwares due to its complexities?Surprise them with
all in one transactions management to manage all the core activities in single screen.


Add ons Packages

With the advent of internet and innovative technologies around, world is more connected than ever before.

Amplify your business operations with our add ons marketplace by integrating suite of cloud services, devices & relevant web services for your business.


Ecommerce Integration

Scale you business beyond your physical stores & enable your customers to buy products @ their convenience with your personalized e-commerce website.

Integrate e-commerce with your live-feed of inventory management at your office and enable customers to identify ready to ship stock & out of stock items in real-time.

Enjoy the freedom of going omni-channel and empowering your customers to buy products from multiple channels like online website, mobile application and many more.